Alzheimer’s & Dementia: the Journal of the Alzheimer’s Association, published our latest paper, explaining how Alzheimer’s works and how Telocyte™ plans to cure it. It was described as “the most important paper ever published” on Alzheimer’s disease.

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Telocyte seeks to cure Alzheimer's differently

Prior therapies have focused on effects, not on causes. They have tried to help symptoms or wished to remove amyloid or tau proteins.

Research shows that cell aging triggers the gradual accumulation of amyloid, as well as the loss of neurons that defines Alzheimer’s.

Telomerase resets the abnormal pattern of gene expression that results in Alzheimer’s disease. We can make a difference. Join us.

Our Mission

Our mission is not to help anyone “live with Alzheimer’s”, but to ensure that all of us can live without Alzheimer’s. Our mission is to cure Alzheimer’s, plain and simple. We intend to save the lives, the minds, and the presence of those who have Alzheimer’s now and to prevent anyone from getting Alzheimer’s in future.
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This is Iris, the mother of our CEO and catalyst for the founding of Telocyte.

We would like to acknowledge the wonderful care and support for Iris
provided by the staff and friends at The Foundation of Lady Katherine Leveson, Temple Balsall, in the UK.

Farewell Iris, you always lead by example, facing adversity with good humour and a resolve to overcome.

As a dedicated nurse, she helped many during her life, her simple request to us was that we should find
a future beyond Alzheimer’s for others.

That is our intention.

Introducing Telocyte's founders

  • Michael Fossel, MD, PhD
  • Founder, President
  • Dr. Fossel is the driving force behind Telocyte™ and has been the leader in proposing the use of telomerase to treat human disease for the past two decades.

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  • Peter Rayson
  • Founder, Chief Executive Officer
  • Peter T. Rayson is an experienced industry executive who provides leadership and business acumen for Telocyte™.

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Telocyte and CNIO

Telocyte and CNIO will be collaborating to take Telomerase Therapy to FDA human trials.

Under the direction of  Dr. Maria Blasco, C.N.I.O. – The Spanish National Research Centre, has recently made advances in both animal research and delivery systems that has facilitated an opportunity to pursue unsurpassed clinical advances in the field of telomerase therapy.  Dr. Blasco   is an internationally recognized expert in the field of telomerase

Michael Fossel Book and Research

  • The Telomerase Revolution
  • Meant for the general public, this book describes what we know about aging—and how to prevent and reverse age-related diseases using telomerase therapy.
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  • Cells, Aging, and Human Disease
  • Cells, Aging, and Human Disease (Oxford University Press) is the first textbook to explore aging all the way from genes to clinical application, analyzing the fundamental cellular changes which underlie human age-related disease.
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  • IdeaCity
  • In 2014, Dr. Fossel gave this short (17-minute) talk at IdeaCity, giving a clear and concise presentation of the rationale for and the history of telomerase therapy, as well as the plans for human trials.

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